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I'm just back in London from more than a month in the States - the biggest chunk of which I spent in Portland, working on a show at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center.  Portland is so so lovely and working at Disjecta was fantastic. I'm super happy with the show - the documentation of which I'll try to add to the Projects section later today (look under Excavations and And Other Claims).

The show got reviewed today by John Motley in The Oregonian. You can read it here.


artissima fair starts today!

I'm very happy that two of my galleries are showing new works of mine: Zak | Branicka (light blue no.4) and annex14 (lillac no.7). Come by and say hi if you are in Torino this weekend...

These are the pieces that can be seen at artissima: Assorted 2013 Drawings, In Relation to a Fault, Frame Paintings (at Zak | Branicka) and Single View at annex14.


I have been making a lot of new work lately, some of which was shown at ViennaFair in October and some of which will be shown at artissima fair next week in Torino. I uploaded these new works to the Projects section: Assorted 2013 Drawings, In Relation to a Fault, Frame Paintings, Good Life.

Various new drawings and collages, as well as new panel works and wall sculptures will be at Zak | Branicka booth at artissima. Additionally, annex14 booth will have several of my Single View pieces.


Things have been crazy busy. Which is why I haven't updated this in, oh, yikes, 5 months...

It was a good summer - a 10-day visit by parental units :) followed by a month-long residency on a lake in the Austrian Alps at the amazing SoART residency in June/ July.

Then a road trip across Iceland (this for fun, not work). In August, another residency at PACT Zollverein in Essen, where I was working on a new performance for the upcoming IMPACT symposium I'm doing in October (with Walid Ra'ad and Kris Verdonck - more on this in a separate post later).

At the moment I'm in Herford, Germany - a town that google streetview vans have yet to visit - where I just finished installing and making a new piece for a show at MARTa Herford Museum - working with 6m-long reclaimed wooden planks - which had apparently been sitting outside somewhere for some 50 years (or so they tell me) so they are beautifully weathered and pliable - and a bunch of found objects and materials collected around the museum and from a local recycling yard.

The show opens on Friday - will put some concrete details up tomorrow and some proper documentation. In the meantime, here's a pic of the new work. :)


My show, titled "Fault Lands", opens today at annex14 in Zurich. The vernissage is 6-8 at 245 Hardstrasse, opposite the Schiffbau.

Hugely excited about this new body of work!

Here's a quick shot - will post proper documentation to the Projects section in the next couple of days.



This is the image we used for the card for my show, titled "Fault Lands", opening 26 April at annex14 in Zurich.

The image is from some work in progress I did in Chicago in February, during my residency at the Hyde Park Art Center.

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